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School Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Average
Edi Upper PS 4.66 5.8 bye 5.230 -Grand Final -Negative
Grovedale PS bye 6.3  5.65 5.975 -Grand Final -Affirmative
Eskdale PS 5.56 4.85  4.125 4.845
Benalla P-12 College* 7.2 bye  6.8 *7.0
Mildura West PS 4.6 5.95  5.125 5.225

*Note that to avoid any perceived advantage by the hosting school, Benalla P-12 College is ineligible to participate in the Grand Final under the rules of the competition. (see FAQs)

As a result, The Grand Final was between Grovedale PS (Affirmative) and Edi Upper PS (Negative)  
Topic: That Junk Food should be banned from school canteens.

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